Community Partners Directory

~Please check with your CT before signing up with a Community Partner~

** =  available virtually and/or in person with COVID-19 safety protocols in place

(Last update: 06/28/2022)

Academic Tutors

**Charity Adams *Check for Availability *Virtual only
Tutoring in math (including Algebras I & II, Geometry), English, science, history & Spanish. Also able to teach sewing & culinary arts, with emphasis in desserts. K-12   Also tutors music and Spanish. (See “Music/Theater” and “Foreign Language & American Sign Language” sections.)
$20 per hour
(707) 834-0012

**Myah Baisch *Check for Availability 
Tutoring in: Language arts and reading, K-12; Math, K-8; Homework help, K-12. Also tutors German language, K-12. (See “Foreign Language & American Sign Language” section)
$18 per hour
(707) 362-9923

**Samantha Diel  *NEW!   *Virtual only
K-12 & College: Tutoring in all subjects. Math: basic, pre-algebra, algebra & geometry. Science: biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, botany, zoology. History. Social studies. Language arts: reading, writing, essays, MLA & APAm grammar, punctuation.
$30 per hour
(707) 273-9130 

**Marion Fimbres 
Tutoring reading, K-12. Also tutors Spanish and basic American sign language. (See “Foreign Language & American Sign Language” section)
$30 per hour
(707) 845-0315

**Jeff Gonzalez *Check for Availability
Jeff is a credentialed teacher. Tutoring in history and English, grades 7-12
$30 per hour
(707) 840-0487

**Tamara Lindley  *Check for Availability
Science & Math tutor, plus enrichment courses, K-12
Includes maths through Algebra I; Life, earth, & physical sciences, including chemistry and physics.
$30 per hour
(707) 845-2212

**Autumn Marsh  *Check for Availability  *Virtual only
K-12: tutoring in all subjects, math specifically, & some college courses.
$20 per hour
(707) 599-2058

**Jacob McElderry  *NEW!  *Virtual only
All academic tutoring, including science and math, K-12. Has a master’s degree in physics. Also a professional percussionist who teaches music. (See “Music/Theater” section)
$35 per academic hour session
(707) 845-6633

**Adelinea Nissen *Check for Availability
Tutoring for math (up to Algebra I) and English, K-8.
$20 per hour
(707) 572-6244

**Tony Persico  *NEW!
Academic tutoring in writing, English, history, fine arts and sciences, grades 8-12.
Also has expertise in music, basketball and comedy. 
$25 per hour
(707) 502-9656

**Virginia Resanda 
Academic tutoring in all subjects, especially math. Elementary math, pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2 (intermediate Algebra). K-12
*Platforms: Facetime or text messages are preferred, or even USPS mail
$20 per hour
(707) 273-9498

**Laurie Richardson  *Check for Availability
Laurie is a credentialed teacher. Tutoring in Language Arts and Fine Arts
$30 per hour
(707) 476-0634

**Barbara Rybeck   *Virtual only
Academic tutoring in all subjects, including math up to Algebra II.
Grades K-12
$30 per hour
(707) 832-8466

**Jasper Severn
Tutoring higher maths and physical sciences: Algebra I & II, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, chemistry and physics. Provides math lab help several days a week. Contact AGCS for math lab days and times. 
$25 per hour
(707) 672-2070

**Suzanne Smith *Check for Availability
Suzanne is a credentialed teacher. Grades K-12, all subjects. She is available during school hours.
$30 per hour. **Available in person or over phone**
(707) 443-6202 (cell), (707) 443-6202 (home)

Felicia Treece *Check for Availability
Felicia is a credentialed teacher, all subjects, grades K-7.
$30 per hour
(707) 617-0773

Arts and Crafts Instruction

Eureka Fabrics
Materials for sewing projects. A variety of classes are offered: sewing, felting, patterns, etc.
Private instruction available. Fees vary by class.
412 2nd Street Old Town, Eureka
(707) 442-2646 or toll free (888) 469-6799

Fire Arts Center 
Classes in ceramics and glass
Fees vary
520 South G Street, Arcata
(707) 826-1445

Humboldt Arts Council
Art classes at the Morris Graves Museum of Art
$90 per session
636 F Street, Eureka
(707) 442-0278

**Ink People Center for the Arts
Ink People offers community cultural development, classes, exhibitions, performances, project incubation and support
Fees vary by class.
525 7th Street, Eureka
(707) 442-8413

**Lotus Studio Pottery
Pottery instruction – hand-building and/or throw wheel, depending on age.
$300 per 6-week course: includes clay, glazes, and 2 firings. Makeup classes are $55 per hour.
630 2nd Street, Eureka
(707) 616-6504

**Nehemiah’s Art (Penny Fregeau)
Drawing, various media, artist themes each week, study of famous artists and developing artistic and problem solving skills.
$20 per 90-minute class
(707) 617-2053

**Notions Sewing Studio
Specializing in sewing machine classes for beginning & intermediate sewing. Classes encourage the use of math, design, problem-solving & artistic expression. Embroidery, mending, needle felting & wet felting classes are also available.
$20/hr private lessons. Fees vary for group lessons.
Location: Eureka
(707) 601-9804


**Academy of Irish Dance & Music
Irish Dance instruction
Call for fee information.
433 A Street, Eureka
(707) 834-5333

**The Dance Scene Studio  
Dance classes in the techniques of ballet, pointe, hip hop, belly dance, yoga and pilates. Term or monthly tuition schedules available.
1011 H Street, Eureka
(707) 502-2188

**Laura East’s Ferndale Dance Academy
Class fees vary depending on length of session
430 Ocean Avenue, Ferndale
(707) 496-0805

**No Limits Dance Academy
Tap, jazz, hip hop and ballet lessons.
Beginning through advanced.
Contact for fee information
1093 10th Street, Arcata
(707) 825-0922

**North Coast Dance
Ballet lessons (Kindergarten to adult)
Ballet, pointe & pre-pointe, hip-hop, hula,
modern, Middle Eastern dance, and ballroom
Contact for fee information.
426 F Street, Eureka
(707) 442-7779

**Trillium Dance Studios (Erin McKeever)
Ballet, pointe, modern, tap, contempo, Latin jazz
Please contact for fee information.
855 8th St., Suite 1, Arcata
(707) 822-8408 (office)

**Trinity Ballet Academy (Greta Leverett)
Ballet instruction
Fees are per semester, plus a non-refundable registration fee
1981 Central Avenue, McKinleyville
(707) 839-1816

Driving Schools

**Eureka Driving School
Online Driver’s Education class; Behind-the-wheel training
1307 Union Street, Eureka
Fees vary.
(707) 442-1355

**Humboldt Driving School
Online Driver’s Education class; Behind-the-wheel training
Fees vary.
2936 J Street, Eureka
(707) 442-4083

Foreign Language & American Sign Language

*Charity Adams *Check for Availability  *Virtual only
Tutoring in Spanish, K-12. 
$20 per hour
(707) 834-0012

**Erica Alston *Check for Availability
Erica is a credentialed teacher at Alder Grove providing Spanish language tutoring services.
$30 per hour
(707) 832-3447

**Myah Baisch *Check for Availability
German language tutor, K-12. Prefers meeting at HSU library. Also provides academic tutoring and homework help. (See “Academic Tutors“)
$18 per hour
(707) 362-9923

**Marion Fimbres
Tutoring for Spanish language and basic American sign language, K-12. Also provides academic tutoring in reading (See “Academic Tutors“)
$30 per hour
(707) 845-0315

Health Clubs/Fitness/Gymnastics/

Skate/Swim/Yoga, etc.

**All Performance Training, LLC
Personal training; group exercise training; functional & sport specific training; general exercise & health wellness; triathlon coach; swim/bike/run instruction.
Personal training fees: $35 per 1/2  hour; $60 per hour
Two person tandem training fees, per person: $27.50 per 1/2 hour; $45 per hour
1404 John Hill Rd., Eureka
(707) 498-8726

**Arcata Parks and Recreation
Offers various recreation programs such as gymnastics, martial arts, tennis, basketball, and LEGO engineering classes
736 F Street, Arcata

**Arcata Pool
Private and group swim lessons
1150 16th Street, Arcata
(707) 822-6801

Blue Lake Parks and Recreation
Roller skating at Prasch Hall during public skate hours.
(707) 668-5932

**Cal Courts Annex 
Gym memberships for students 16+. Contact CalCourts for new hours of operation.
$120 per semester
3909 Walnut Drive in Cutten
(707) 445-5445

**(The) Club at Mill Creek
Swim lessons; adult and student gym memberships.
Fees vary, contact vendor for information.
1570 Betty Ct., McKinleyville
(707) 267-7525

**Robert Diggins
Certified yoga teacher: HITA and Ahymsin. Meditation, physical (hatha), breathing, systematic relaxation, sanskrit. Also a music instructor (See under Music/Theater)
$70 per hour
(707) 845-1788

**Jodie DiMinno
Private yoga instructor. $65 per hour; $32.50 per 1/2 hour
(707) 616-0930

**Eureka Municipal Golf Course   *New! 
Golf course and driving range; individual or group golf lessons.
Visit website for pricing information.
4750 Fairway Drive, Eureka
(707) 443-4808

**Far North Climbing, LLC
Indoor climbing for physical education.
Visit website for pricing information.
1065 K Street, Suite C, Arcata
(707) 826-9558

**Flips for Kids Gymnastics
Please see website for details
Prices vary; contact vendor for pricing
1489 Hoover Street, Eureka
(707) 445-0450

Student gym memberships. Private swim when available. Personal training services now available. 
Gym memberships are $225 per semester. Swim and personal training fees vary; contact vendor for price information.

Now at four locations:
3441 Pennsylvania Avenue, Eureka
(707) 443-3488
300 Community Parkway, Arcata
(707) 822-3488
1500 Anna Sparks Way, McKinleyville
(707) 839-9800
721 South Fortuna Blvd., Fortuna
(707) 725-9484

**Humboldt Bay Rowing Association
HBRA is dedicated to providing recreational rowing opportunities on Humboldt Bay for adults and youth. Please see website for more information.
$450 per season
Physical location:
Humboldt Bay Rowing Association Boathouse
1063 Waterfront Drive, Eureka, 95501
Mailing address: P.O. Box 750, Trinidad, 95570
Contacts: Jerome Simone, HBRA President at
Julia Smith, Head Coach at
Sunshine Lee, Parent Rep at
(707) 267-7976

**Humboldt Swim Club
Competitive swimming skills for children ages 6-18
Contact vendor for pricing
P.O. Box 101, Bayside, CA  95524
Contact: John Pearce at (707) 267-SWIM (7946)

**Humboldt Tennis Club
Tennis lessons, play clays, tournaments and clinics
Contact vendor for pricing
600 F Street, Suite 3, PMB 820, Arcata, 95521
Contact: Peter Dauphinee at (707) 616-4781

**Rampart Skatepark
Skateboarding: one-on-one instruction, seasonal camps.
Drop-in, punch card or monthly rates. Contact vendor for pricing.
700 South G Street, Arcata
(707) 826-0675

Instrument Rental Services

**M.B. Rental Instruments
Musical instrument rentals.
$50 per semester
(707) 498-1052

Meadowood Music
Instrument rentals and sales: call for pricing and availability.
Also violin and viola lessons, string orchestra, ensemble coaching, music theory (see Stefan Vaughan under Music/Theater).
Contact Stefan Vaughan at (707) 442-0689

Redwood Music Mart
Musical instrument supplies
511 F Street, Eureka
(707) 268-3829

Martial Arts

**Cobra and Butterfly Karate School
Martial arts instruction
Call for current price schedule.
1711 Main Street, Fortuna
(707) 725-4849

**The Health and Karate Center
A family martial arts program built around peace, balance, safety and respect. Program includes fitness, self-defense training and martial arts instruction in classic Okinawan karate.
Fees vary, family rates available.
1944 Central Avenue, McKinleyville
(707) 839-5255
Sensei Rick Bryan:
Kevin Metcalf:

**Humboldt Jiu Jitsu Academy
Martial arts/self defense instruction
Call for current price schedule.
1041 F Street, Arcata

**Humboldt Martial Arts and Fitness (Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0)
Martial Arts instruction.
Fees vary
375 S. Fortuna Blvd, #737, Fortuna
(707) 499-4871

**Jobu Shin Kan
Martial Arts instruction
Call for current price schedule.
521 4th Street, Eureka
(707) 443-3735

**Lost Coast Kenpo Karate
Physical education, self defense and respect to others.
Call for current price schedule.
7 5th Street, Eureka
(707) 498-9442

**Sun Yi’s Academy 
Tae Kwon Do Instruction
Call for current price schedule.
1215 Giuntoli Lane, Arcata
(707) 825-0182

**Wolverton Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do
Martial Arts Instruction
Call for current price schedule. Family discount available.
Fortuna Skating Rink
9 Park Drive, Fortuna 95540


Dream Quest
Dream Quest provides youth with a range of vocational and creative opportunities to imagine and build their dreams.
Willow Creek Youth Partnership
Helping Youth Realize Their Dreams
(530) 629-3564

Weekly classes about eating, food preparation, sourcing, measuring, cleanliness, gardening. Simple kid-friendly snack and meal making.
$45 per session. Call for most current fee schedule.
971 8th Street, Arcata
(707) 633-8328


**Robert Diggins
Music lessons for violin, viola, coronet, trumpet and guitar; vocal, private and ensemble, coaching and tutoring. Certified in Baroque violin performance. Also a certified yoga teacher. (See under Health Clubs/Fitness/Gymnastics/Skate/Swim/Tennis, etc.)
$70 per hour
(707) 845-1788

**Jennifer Dominick *NEW!
Piano lessons. Has 8 years of teaching experience through Ferndale Music Company.
$25 per 1/2 hour session
(707) 296-8522

**Eureka Music School 
Jam Band: 1-hour group for ages 5-6 yrs to learn basic rhythm and try out different instruments
Rock Band 101: 1.5-hr once-a-week program for ages 7-10 yrs to get students to play in a band
Rock Band: 2-hr once-a-week program for grades 6th-12th to play as a band
Lessons only: 45-min a week private lessons for ages 5 to adult
Fees vary. Contact vendor for more information.
1023 G Street, Eureka
Contact Brian Archuleta at (408) 460-8938 

**Angel Fargas
Private lessons. Guitar, ukulele instructor. Tabs, notation, right & left hand training.
$35 per 1/2-hour session, once a week ($70 per hour)
(707) 442-9213

**Ferndale Music Company
Guitar, ukulele, drums, bass lessons
Contact for fee information.
246 Berding St, Ferndale
Contact Paul Beatie at (707) 786-7030

**Humboldt Light Opera Company (KidCo)
Musical theater classes. Fees vary.
(707) 825-8419

**Humboldt Music Academy
HSU Music Department
Music lessons; contact for fee information.
(707) 826-3411

**Humboldt Piano Studio
(Carol Thompkins)

Customized piano lessons based on student interest. Certified to teach beginning through advanced. Classical, jazz, improv, composition, theory. Ages 4 & over.
Fees vary, typically $36-$50 per hour
Location: Bayshore Mall
(707) 502-9469

Julieann Kami-Craven
Private piano lessons
$15 per 1/2 hour
(707) 502-0004

**Matt Mantova  *NEW!
Co-owner of Mantova’s Two Street Music in Old Town, Eureka. Providing private guitar lessons, including note reading and right-hand technique. Classically trained, with 10+ years experience.  
$30.00 per 1/2 hour session
(707) 599-5975

**Ruth McClimon
Private piano lessons, including note reading, emphasis on reading rhythms and repertoire. Performance experience at Fortuna Adult Day Program four times per year, and annual recital performance. Computer theory and games offered.
$22.50 per 40-minute lesson
(707) 725-3760

**Jacob McElderry  *NEW!  *Virtual only
Professional percussionist with own music studio. Sound engineering lessons; synthesizer and electronic music lessons. Also tutors math and science. (See “Academic Tutors” section)
$45 per music hour session
(707) 845-6633

**Katie McGourty
Piano Lessons, Suzuki Method
$60 per hour; $30 per 1/2 hour
(707) 601-2434

**Alana Nicklas
Private beginning to intermediate lessons for electric bass, piano, and guitar, vocals and music theory
$30 per hour
(707) 407-6659

**North Coast Music – Instructors Aaron Souza & Kristin Renfer
private music lessons including, but not limited to: piano, drums, bass, guitar, ukulele.
$140 per month for once weekly 1/2 hour lesson
Kristin: private piano and violin lessons
$120 per month for once weekly 1/2 hour lesson
2592 Shay Court, Fortuna
Contact Aaron: (707) 725-9787
Contact Kristin: (707) 267-6722

**Lorenza Simmons Phillips *Check for Availability
Private lessons for vocal and piano instruction
$25 per hour
(707) 845-3983

**Elizabeth Rau
Private piano and voice lessons; music theory.
$50 per hour; $25 per 1/2-hour
(707) 442-4246

**Terri Strachan
Private flute and piano lessons. Fun-loving lessons with an award-winning teacher! Certified music teacher, HSU flute professor.
$30 per 1/2-hour weekly lesson
(818) 681-1668 (text or call)

**Franis Vanek
Private music Lessons, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute
$30 per 45-minute session.
(707) 813-7333

**Stefan Vaughan
Offering virtual private violin and viola lessons, string orchestra. Ensemble coaching, music theory. Instrument rentals and sales (see Meadowood Music under Instrument Rental Services): call for prices and availability.
*Platform: Zoom
$45 per hour
(707) 442-0689


Please contact if you or your business would like information on becoming a vendor with Alder Grove Charter School.