Some of these educational websites may charge a fee for usage.

Search Engines for Kids

Web Safety & Digital Media
Be Internet Awesome
Online Internet Safety Curriculum from Google.

Fun Stuff
Brain Pop
  Animated eductional website
Fun Brain
  Math, reading and lots of games
Kid Zone
  Targeted to the Kindergarten thru Grade Six age group
Newspaper Clipping Generator
  Create an online newspaper clipping.
Sesame Street
  (PBS) Videos, games and muppets
Slime Kids
  School Library Media Kids!

Spanish / Español

Homeschool Adventuras
  Lesson plans and more!
Online Free Spanish
  A fun way to learn español.
Spanish Simply
  Stories for emerging spanish speakers/readers.
  Students learn using a free online program.

Research and Activities
Khan Academy
Online educational content
What’s That Bug?
  You guessed it.
National Gallery of Art: Kids Art Zone
  Interactive art that you can make online.
Library of Congress
  Free access to U.S. historical records
The Internet Archive
  Digital library of free books, movies, music, audio clips and more!
Cool Tools for Schools
  Best of web 2.0 multi-media tools/programs
  Teaches about Native American cultures
California Coastal Records Project
  Aerial photographs of the California coast
Carl’s Electronics
  Electronic kits, robotic kits, test equipment & more! 
How Stuff Works
  Discovery channel show’s interesting answers to common questions
  Online geography quizzes, random trivia
Kids Health
  Cool free online health resource
Children’s Literature Network
  Connect to literature for children and teens.

Musical Projects
  Handwriting exercises set to music to improve eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.
Putumayo Kids
  The website has FREE printable teaching guides, song lyrics and maps.
Lyrical Learning
  Promoting scientific literacy through song.

Free Typing Tools
Learn to Type
Power Typing (practice)
Writing Tester
BBC Typing Games

Computer Programming & Coding
Scratch  Create stories, games, and animations.
Snap!  Learning to Code With Blocks
w3 Schools  The World’s Largest Web Developer Site
Codecademy  Learn to code |
Free Code Camp
Hour of Code