Online Classes (Spring 2020-2021)

Group A – Grades K-1
Group B – Grades 2-3
Group C – Grades 4-5
Group C+ – Grades 4-8
Middle School – Grades 6-8
High School – Grades 9-12

On-Campus & Online Labs

Remember that we cannot accept on-campus class enrollments from un-vaccinated or not up-to-date vaccinated students who are entering Kindergarten or 7th grade or 1st time public school students.

Online Class Schedule 2020-21 (Spring)
Course Descriptions 2020-2021 (Spring)

Registration Information

2020-2021 Online Class Enrollment Forms:
Print out your enrollment forms and drop off at the school -OR- fill out the form on your computer, save your answers and email to



How To Save a PDF Form (3 ways)
A. Download and open in Adobe reader, type answers, click Save As.
B. Type in web browser (Chrome), click Print, choose Save as PDF.
C. Type in web browser (Microsoft Edge), click Save.

Submit a PDF Form
A. Print a physical copy and drop off at the school.
B. Send in completed form as an email attachment.