From the Director: June 2018

Hello Alder Grove Families,
Well, we did it! We reached the end of the school year. It’s time to
enjoy summer and recharge those learning batteries.
Graduation was wonderful. It was fantastic seeing all of the 8th and
high school graduates as they walked across the stage after working
so hard. Congratulations!

There have been some questions about why our new enrollment forms
indicate “Alder Grove Charter School-2.” Here is the explanation:
On February 22nd of this year, the South Bay Union School District
(SBUSD) board approved a new charter for Alder Grove for the next
5 years (2018-2023). Families and community members who could
make it really showed SBUSD how supportive our families are, and
how successful AGCS students can be in a personalized learning
school. We have had a fantastic relationship with our district for
almost 12 years and are excited to continue working with them.
Why did we have to submit a new charter instead of a renewal?
It’s a long story.

In 2016, an appellate court decision changed a nearly two decade-old
interpretation of law regarding where an independent study charter
facility could be located. Because we are physically located in the
Eureka City School (ECS) District boundaries, but our new charter is
authorized by SBUSD, and because the interpretation of law changed,
ECS was threatening to litigate against both us and SBUSD. But, the
law also says that if a charter school conducts a facilities search in its
authorizing district and finds no facilities, that school can physically
locate one facility in another district within the County as long as the
charter school notifies that district in advance. We have conducted
many facilities searches over the years, and as you may guess, there
are no facilities in South Bay’s boundaries that we can use for our
school. It’s a beautiful, but very rural, area. In order to fully comply
with a poorly written law that seemed to indicate the notice should be
sent before operations commence, we submitted a new charter.

To minimize confusion, we called the “new” school Alder Grove
Charter School-2. The intention is to change the name back to the
original “Alder Grove Charter School” once the entire process is
complete, hopefully by the end of the 2018-2019 school year.
As always, our mission is to provide students with personalized
learning and to support parent choice in education. We haven’t
changed our school’s programs, our staff, our location, or our
mission. We intend to continue working toward the success of our
students and to enrich the community in which we are located.
Thank you for choosing Alder Grove Charter School.

Have an amazing summer!

Tim Warner, Director