Our mission is to provide students with personalized learning and to support parental choice in education.

September Field Trips

DATES & TIMES: Clarke Museum – September 20th @ 11am-Noon. Clarke Museum – September 20th @ Noon-1pm. Pumpkin Patch – September 27th @ 10am. SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) – Semptember 27th @ 9am-11am. SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) – Semptember 27th @ 11am-1pm. Pumpkin Patch September 27 @ 10 am North Coast Co-op’s Pumpkin Patch 50 […]

The Education at Work Program

Generates awareness of opportunities available with the local business community. Gives businesses the ability to communicate directly to students and groom future employees. Allows students to identify and relate their interest, skills, and aspirations to local job market opportunities. Promotes hands-on career exploration, preparation and training. Increases morale and productivity within the organization, and allows […]

Writing Lab Haiku Poems

Ocean, warm my heart Bring me closer, day by day With my friends and more by Isabella Lear Fast cars… so much fun! The wind blowing in my face I can’t wait to drive by Joseph Bishop The red wool jacket I do not need anymore Now that spring is here by Tyler Zelanick Moon […]

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